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Help for sustainability

Two ladies were visited this morning who are receiving help from HHI. The Mwiinga’s family home was the first port of call. Mrs Mwiinga lives in a very unsavoury area of Monze, where she tries to support 9 children. Her last-born children are triplets. It is difficult to imagine how they all exist in their small makeshift huts. The two eldest daughters were there to greet us with two of the triplets, as Mrs Mwiinga has had to travel away to help her sick mother. The stall, which sells charcoal, is being manned by the family and was instigated with HHI funding. It is providing some income and the toddlers do look healthy and they were intrigued to receive knitted soft toys from the strange looking UK visitors.

Mrs Mwiinga's shop

Mrs Mwiinga’s shop

Mrs Mwiinga's children

Mrs Mwiinga’s children

Then, onto Grace who has been trained in tailoring by the HHZ seamstresses. She has her own sewing machine, supplied by HHI and she is doing well. We saw the hand-made items hanging up in her ‘shop’ outside her home. People do come and purchase her items regularly and she is also able to do repairs. Grace was very pleased to see us, and we were very warmly thanked by Veronica, Grace’s mother, who supports Grace in all the ways she can. Grace has recently lost both her legs below the knee, but she still managed to climb onto her wheelchair and measure Alun for a shirt she is going to make for him over the weekend. We will collect it on Monday!! Watch this space.

Jute and Brenda HHZ holding up items which Grace has made

Jute and Brenda HHZ holding up items which Grace has made

Grace's shop

Grace’s shop

Alun being measured for a shirt

Alun being measured for a shirt

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