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Sudesh – No Kidding!

Sudesh was a successful builder providing for his family. Until, whilst he was at work one day, he had a tragic accident.

Sudesh fell two stories whilst working on site. He fractured both legs and needed serious medical help. Six operations later he was still bed ridden and medical bills and debts forced him to sell his home.

HHI initially provided Sudesh with a small monthly grant along with a goat. This goat is where Sudesh and his family began to restart their lives. The goat became nine goats – we’re not kidding! Sudesh went on to sell four of them and as a result the family no longer required the monthly grant.

We are pleased to say that Sudesh and his family are self-supporting once more. These are the success stories we love to share – it shows us all, just a little helping hand can provide a massive step in the right direction. Your donations can really go a long way!

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