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HHI at Avendale Church on Friday 27th January 2023

This wonderful evening consisted largely of a report on the current and recent activities of HHI in Zambia and India. It was presented very well by Jute Williams with help from her husband, Alun. She was an exemplary speaker. She has personally visited Zambia recently. On the screens we saw pictures, videos and key information and Jute gave us excellent descriptions of the many activities. She helped us to envisage and understand each one, underlying the deep needs of the people and the wise way HHI had been able to help meet these needs. It was very moving to see and hear of the different situations, the great improvements that had been made and the transformations of many lives. Details were given of the large sums of money raised, including that raised in Strathaven.

At the end Ron Prosser told us about how he began HHI shortly before his retirement in 1999, when he received an anonymous parcel containing an All-Bran carton which had in it £12,025 in notes! In it was a note from O.A.P.s asking him to use it, ‘God will help you’, it said. He testified how God had guided him each step of the way, especially with the words of Psalm 138. Ron is such an inspiration.

Avendale HHI Meeting 01-2023

Avendale HHI Meeting 01-2023

Avendale HHI Meeting 2 01-2023

Avendale HHI Meeting Supporters

During the break we were provided with tea, coffee and refreshments by ladies of Avendale, and HHI were very grateful for the use of the sanctuary area. I, for one, was very glad I had been there.

John Jeacocke

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