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HHI visit to Zambia

Jute arrived in Zambia a few days ago. First port of call was not Monze, where we have our main base, but Chipata – the other end of the country. She went there to see John Phiri’s new hospital, and to take the equipment that we had bought for it. She writes:


Dear all

I have completed our mission in Chipata . Some pics attached but when I have WiFi in Monze ( fingers crossed) I’ll send a more detailed report on my few days with John and family and the hospital visit. I’m currently on a bus which left Chipata at 5 am and will be in Lusaka at 11 am. It has WiFi. I’m supposed to be met by Felisitus ( HHz chairwoman) in Lusaka bus station.

The smiling guy in the pic with the nebulizer is Dr Patrick Muzos . He is the newly appointed doctor for the Vubwi hospital. In the other pics you can see John handing over the defibrillators too. So many officials that I can’t begin to tell you their names or positions. The handover took place in the health department of the Vubwi administration building where they will be kept safely until the hospital opening. We have an official receipt.

More about the hospital and pictures in the Chipata report which I hope to send soonish if I don’t lose the will to live on this bus journey.!

We’ll keep you in touch with things as they happen!

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