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It’s a boy!

Priscilla is a disabled girl who lives in Ntambo, a small settlement about 45 minutes’ drive from Monze. We have worked with her for a number of years now.

Our latest news is that Priscilla has given birth to a healthy baby boy! As yet we have no other details such as his birth weight or name, but we are grateful that he was delivered without complication and is well.

Many of our faithful supporters have contributed towards Priscilla’s education for a number of years and, although her school fees are no longer required, Priscilla is still receives support for food and essentials from HHI. Indeed, her house is nearing completion and it is hoped that Priscilla and her baby will be safe and dry once the rains begin.

We will keep you updated on Priscilla’s progress as we receive more news.

Of course, we are very aware that there are many vulnerable young women in Zambia who are in real need and we ask that you will remember Priscilla and others who are in similar situations in your prayers. Thank you again for your thoughtfulness and generosity.

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