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Model Railway – Model Fundraising!

Railway modellers are a unique bunch of people: they can spend hundreds of hours – maybe even most of their lifetime – building a layout, pouring their personality into it, becoming very emotional about it and, when finished with it, saying “Now what do I do with it?”. Disposal of such a beloved and cherished item can be difficult: if the family has no desire to inherit it, do you break it up? Do they – can they – sell it?

Model railway

The model railway

A Friend of Strathaven HHI had reached that stage after 15 years having built a layout and much rolling stock to a very high degree of craftsmanship that was a beauty to behold and a joy to operate. Strathaven Friends of HHI were approached for help to dispose of everything. An inventory was compiled and photographs taken which were passed on to a friend who posted it on a dedicated website which, within a few days, attracted a great deal of interest. A firm offer was accepted from a bidder in Rochdale who travelled up to Strathaven to collect it. A successful and happy conclusion to the process resulted in a significant donation to HHI for which the Charity is extremely grateful to the Friend and his Wife.

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