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Monze Mission Hospital visit

Unwanted stoma and colostomy supplies which we have collected from patients in the UK were gratefully received by the staff at Monze Mission hospital. In the past many boxes were transported to the hospital from the HHI containers. Today we were able to hand over several full suitcases.
We have a long-term relationship with this hospital which is very close to the HHZ headquarters. Not only have we funded essential medical equipment we have provided mobility aids and more recently we funded a 10,000 litre water tank in memory of Carole Nzila, the HHZ administrator who died unexpectedly last year.

Handing over equipment

Handing over stoma  equipment

Water container

Water tank erected in memory of Carole Nzila

Each month the children’s ward and the malnutrition ward receive HHIUK funding to buy nutritional food supplements such as fruit and vegetables. The nursing staff also give food preparation classes to the mothers to educate them on nutritional feeding. We were warmly welcomed and thanked by the senior nurses and medical staff. It was also an opportunity to give out the remainder of the fabric dollies to smiling patients.

Jute visits the ward

Jute visits the ward

Jute visits the ward

A happy patient receiving a fabric dollie made in the UK

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