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News from Zambia about Bibian

Bibian Update

For many years our supporters have been aware of Bibian’s condition, generously supported her treatments and ask regularly for updates about her situation.
We have received this report from Jonah Sialuman Coordinator – Charitable Works and Disability Affairs :

‘On 31st October, 2017, Jonah, Carole, Tabo Maheritona and Dr Nkonjera visited Bibian. Dr Nkonjera confirmed that Bibian is suffering from elephantiasis caused by lymph hefilariasis which is due to an infection with nematodes (round worms). They are thread like parasite worms. It is a disease which is characterised by thickening skin and body infections. At this stage Bibian is in a chronic state and is experiencing the following:
1. Tumours (uncontrolled growth)
2. Water inside the affected leg.
3. Infection of the urinary tract area
4. Dry Cough
5. Difficulty breathing
6. Eye infection
7. Wounds around the nose
8. Loss of appetite
9. Enlargement of liver

The following services needs to be carried out urgently

1. Small operation under the foot to remove infections
2. Removing the debris around the foot
3. Treating of the facial wounds

The following are required: creams to use for medication to prevent the spread of infections, anti-fungal and anti-bacteria creams.

He also recommended that the eyes needs the attention of an Eye Specialist. According to Doctor Nkonjera, she can lose her sight at any time if quick interventions are not made. The treatment will need to continue until she feels better and Dr Nkonjera will instruct the people who live with Bibian on how they should take care of her in terms of cleaning the wound and giving medicine until the time he will come again to check and make a review on her. K6,500.00 (about £500) is required and this will include for purchase of medicines, transport, food and services rendered by the doctor.. If Bibbian is not treated, her health will deteriorate because of the condition she is in.

Also, the bicycle, cooking oil, beans, kapenta, juice drink and chlorine were purchased and delivered to Bibian. Other items from the container that were delivered are three blankets, one mattress, books, pencil cases and small balls.

Every month, the charity office will be monitoring Bibian to see how she will be fairing so that you are updated.’

We will keep you posted as and when news arrives.

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