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Alistair Mweete

Tailoring, training, menstrual hygiene programme

Alistair was born with a disability and wears a prosthetic limb. Although she is highly articulate and very clever, Alistair failed to complete her schooling. This is because she was undergoing surgery at the time of the Year 12 final exams. Instead of returning to school, Alistair attended tailoring school for two years. Since that time, using her excellent skills, Alistair has always been in employment. Full time employment for Alistair is vital as she supports her family.

Alistair is very happy to work with the HHZ team. She is highly organised in her work and, as well as undertaking the practical tasks and delivering the Menstrual Hygiene project, she keeps detailed records of her work.

Alistair is very grateful for the opportunities afforded by HHZ. She writes,

‘I really thank you HHI UK for making my life better, may God bless you.
HHI UK you are the father to the fatherless and mother to the motherless.

May the good Lord be with you always HHI, and also our HHZ trustees we have at this moment may God bless them always.’

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