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Chris Byrne

Trustee/Committee Member/North Wales/England advocate

Chris is a Trustee and also promotes HHI in North Wales and North West to inform people of HHI’s work and encourage more to support the charity.

Chris worked in IT for most of his career before taking early retirement in 2008. He worked in almost all aspects of IT ranging from operating systems, systems programming to programme delivery and transformation. Most people retire to ‘spend more time with the family’ and Chris was no exception however he was also drawn to HHI. Chris was aware of HHI almost since it started, through his Church – Rivertown URC in Shotton North Wales and a growing friendship with Ron Prosser. Chris felt called to give up some of his time and shift emphasis from supporter to volunteer worker. Chris has had the privilege of visiting both Zambia and India to see how HHI operates first hand. His role as North Wales and Wirral representative has enabled HHI to reach out to many new people and organisations and encourage more to support HHI in its work.

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