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Wilson Kochukunju

Director of BGM

Pastor Wilson is director of BGM (Bethany Gospel Ministries), and Indian NGO. He is married, with one adopted daughter (now married herself) and a younger son. We have worked with him and his organisation for a number of years now. He has a number of projects that we fund including:

  • Credit unions. These empower women by means of small loans to become self supporting, to pay for vital operations, or to educate their children.
  • Tailoring training. There is a good demand for hand made and hand embroidered clothes.
  • Provision of sewing machines, chickens and goats so as to enable people to become self supporting.
  • Leaf painting and card production.
  • Other income generating projects – necklace making, candle making and the like.
  • Meeting medical expenses, large and small.
  • During the Covid lockdown, emergency food aid to people who miss out on the Government schemes for various reasons.
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