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Spreading the Word

One of the targets HHI always seeks to fulfil is to tell as many people as possible about our work in India and Zambia and to drum up practical and prayerful support for the sick and vulnerable we seek to serve.

So, we are hugely encouraged by involvement of HHZ in the Zambia National Broadcasting Company initiative, ‘Media Programs’.

The September Report from HHZ included this information…

‘The national broadcaster ZNBC has started showing our recorded HHZ activities on T.V. So far the works that were shown are the works done at the leper community (Gwembe) by constructing the houses, the HHZ knitting and sewing section and Wheelchair repairing. In these sections, HHZ staff were shown on TV explaining their day to day responsibilities in relation to disability support. The Acting Chairman of the Board, Mr Gondwe, highlighted to the Nation through ZNBC the importance of supporting persons with disabilities and also appealed for support from well-wishers and also the Head of State. The next package to be televised is the House for Priscilla and Priscilla herself, the Acting Board Chairperson and the Charity Coordinator.’

Well done HHZ!

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