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Today was a day for us to recall our very special friend and co- worker Carole Nzila. It is almost a year to the day that she died in Monze Mission Hospital following diabetes complications and covid. Carole had been a trusted and loyal HHZ administrator for many years, and she was renowned for her compassion and respect to all who came seeking help. This morning after our greetings in the prayer hut with hymn singing, prayers and laughter we remembered Carole and decided to have a group photo of today’s HHI team. We all felt that Carole was still amongst us smiling.

Stasff with Alun, Jute and Edmund
Outside the office compound

Afterwards Mr Gondwe, along with Carole’s husband and her two daughters accompanied us on the very long bumpy journey to Moyo. Carole had requested to be buried on her parents’ farm in Moyo and this is where we laid some red roses and said prayers of thanks for the wonderful wife, daughter, and mum she had been to her family. To us at HHI, she was an inspiration.

Visiting Carole's grave
UK Staff visiting Carole’s grave
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