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To p or not to p, that is the question

Even though Coronavirus has changed the way we live and work, those involved in education are finding ways of preparing for the safe return of children to their respective schools. How classrooms will function in the future has yet to be determined but one essential aspect of a return to school will, no doubt, be a concentrated focus on hygiene.

Thanks to the generosity of HHI supporters, good hygiene for the children attending Muumba school will be made a little easier. Hopefully they will soon be able to use the brand new flushing toilet facilities which are currently under construction. (See article 6th November 2019)

Mr Bbilika wrote recently…

‘As Muumba staff, we are slowly adapting to the new normal working environment.
Construction of the ablution block is going on well with fewer difficulties. We pray and hope that the construction work will be completed by the end of next month.
Our regards to you and the HHI team.
Mr Bbilika B

Below are pictures of the construction work as per 25.06.2020. As soon as we receive pictures of the completed work, we will put them on the website.

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