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Empowering the powerless

Recently one of our partners in India, Pastor Wilson, was given two sewing machines. He had the vision of training unemployed women, most of whom are widows who have great difficult finding work, in tailoring. There is a great demand for good quality clothing in India.

We sent out the money for a trainer’s salary for three months, plus money for a third, second-hand sewing machine. We recently received an email from Pastor Wilson:

Praise the Lord!

Very respected Edmond sir,

Greetings from BGM Social Service Centre. I hope you all are fine. Here we all are faine. our projects are running by help. But your help is most help ful our work.

With your help we started a tailoring Training programme in our centre. It was started first week of July . 24 poor women’s are training now. we selected a teacher. they all are happy. she is giving very good training for this poor people.

Thank you very much again. I added here two photos for your consideration.

Thank you to all our supporters who make this possible. We have committed to sending out another three months’ salary for the trainer, after which we will review the effectiveness of the project as well as our ability to continue financing it. If you would like to help, please contact our Office.

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