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Feeding Project Update

Following the article ‘Feeding starving children in Zambia’ we have received this update from Carole Nzila on behalf of the HHZ trustees.

‘The April 2021 distribution has gone on smoothly with our target number of 100 disabled children. As shown on our record sheet, we have already distributed to 80 children while others are yet to come. They were all called to come and collect the food but some have still not yet showed up. But by the end of the month, we will complete giving all the 100 children. We have attached sampled pictures of the April distribution.’

Special request

This request needs no introduction.Read on…

Triplets – Alpha, Omega and Mirriam Mwiinga

‘During our food distribution program, we came across one mother who gave birth to triplets, two boys and one girl. Unfortunately because of the way the babies were seated in the womb during pregnancy, two of them developed some deformity. The mother did not take any measures to find out what the problem is with the babies and so we advised her to take them to the hospital for assessment. They are 3 months old but look like they were born a month ago. Their hands and legs are folded all the time and do not stretch. We gave her the food package but her request is for artificial milk because she is failing to produce enough milk to breast feed them all.

We wish to humbly request for a K1,000.00 [£33] for the mother to buy some artificial milk for the babies at least for a few weeks. Once the babies turn five months, she will have to introduce them to porridge and soft food because milk is very expensive and she will not afford. Together with the triplets, she now has 10 children and the husband is not working and supports the family from pushing wheelbarrows for people.’

Can you help? Please pray!

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