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We believe that saying ‘Thank You’ to our supporters is an essential part of our work. Occasionally though, we are asked not to acknowledge donations and this was the case with a letter we received recently which accompanied a very generous gift. Indeed, the letter gave a massive thank you to HHI. And so we thought we would share it with you.

‘I have just received your April ’21 newsletter. What wonderful work is being done for comparatively little money.

I enclose a donation to be used where most needed. There is NO NEED to acknowledge it.

I will keep praying for the people mentioned. By the way, I have no email and am not online so regretfully cannot share in a Zoom meeting but it seems a very good idea for all who can access it. May God continue to bless you all.’

And then, just today, we received this communication from Zambia.

‘Mrs J Williams the flagging off for the helps food we gave the people in line with covid-19 it has gone so wide it’s still appearing on the TV in Zambia.

These are wonders of God that enter in your hearts as HHI UK Trustees that makes people benefit here in Zambia at large. Please God bless you and add you more years to your life.’

We just hope that our letters to you convey the same sincere sentiments that are expressed here. We pray that the joy of giving and the joy of receiving will continue to enable our mission to help those we seek to serve in India and Zambia.

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