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Funded for a Future (1 – Augustine)

As Covid restrictions lifted, HHI diverted the Feeding Programme funding into our new Grant Scheme.  This meant that, since the start of this year, some of those who were previously dependent on monthly HHI food support were given a startup capital of £60 to begin their own income generating business.

Augustine shoe designs

Augustine shoe designs

Augustine Samutamu, married with six children, was involved in a road traffic accident about thirty years ago which led to his disability.   One of the original Feeding Programme recipients, he has now established a popular shoe repair service and as well as making special shoes for people with disabilities at affordable prices, he has started making sandals and belts. He really appreciates the grant and confessed to the Grand Scheme monitoring team that his business and his life had greatly improved thanks to the generosity of HHI supporters.

To read Augustine’s story see the article ‘Cobbling Together a Living23 04 2023

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