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Keeping disabled people moving

Mobility Matters: A report from Jonah Sialumano,HHZ Charity Coordinator

Lotie Siamanungu, 34, of Siadambi Village in Choma District was hit by a goods train on 18th May, 2018. According to him, he had been to the field to check on his maize harvest, and on the way home he felt dizzy and passed out on the railway track. Although Lotie didn’t hear the approaching train, the villagers nearby heard the train honking and they rushed to investigate. By the time the villagers reached the scene, Lotie was seriously injured. Unconscious, he was rushed to Choma General Hospital but, unfortunately, they were unable to save his legs.

The Coordinator for the Choma network for people with disabilities contacted Jonah Sialumano requesting a wheelchair for Lotie and it was delivered to Choma by Jonah, on 10th June, 2018. Lotie’s wife was present and she was delighted, as she had not expected a free brand new wheelchair from HHZ.

Because Lotie is now unable to hold a plough and do gardening and harvesting work, he is no longer able to support his pregnant wife and five children, although he is looking for alternative employment. Lotie believed that he faced a lifetime crawling, but with mobility he is able to associate with friends and go to church.

This is one of thrity wheelchairs that were funded bythe Womens’ World Day of Prayer – we are very grateful tothem for their help – but Lotie is even more grateful!

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