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Pastor Wilson’s Diary April 2023

Every month we send money to Pastor Wilson, who doing a similar work to Tom Sutherland, in a slightly different area of Kerala.  Here he tells us how he spent the money that we sent him in March:

Very respected Edmund Sir,

Warm greetings from BGM Social Service Centre, Neyyardam.

Good day and praise the Lord in the name of our precious Lord Jesus Christ. I hope you all are fine and have good health. Here we all are fine. And thank you very much for your support.

Here we have received a donation from HHI for our different  programmes,

From this we gave Mrs Sabeena money to purchase a tailoring machine.  She is a widow and has two children. Now she is very happy and has started to earn money for her daily life from this tailoring machine.

Our tailoring training is continuing. Now around 20 ladies are learning tailoring.

The Credit Unions are also continuing.

We supported Mrs. Kunjumol for purchasing a cow.  [Her mother died recently and the family had sold their two cows to pay for her medical expenses.  Her father is a mental patient.  Her husband is a coolie – someone who has to go out and find work every day; since Covid such work is hard to find.  So the family is poor, and was struggling to survive.]  Her family is very happy now.  They convey their heartily greetings to your organisation members.

And our long term patients  continue to receive treatment support.


Thank you very much. These all people convey their heartily thanks and prayers to you all  and happy to you all members.

I wish you a prayerful thanks to you all.

May God bless you all.

Remember in prayers .

Pastor .Wilson Kochukunju

BGM Social Service Centre,

Neyyardam.Kerala, S.India,

As you can see, a little money goes a long way in India!  Thank you to all our supporters who make all this possible.

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