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Naanga School

We were greeted by head teacher Mr Zulu, and Deputy Mr Hansangu as well as various female teachers and carers.

Nanga children were happy and excited to see visitors. Felisitus, Chairperson at HHZ Trustees, has a good relationship with them and they were delighted to see her. She had brought small bags of crisps as a treat for the 40 children. We had also brought millie meal for the builders as well as cement and door frames.

Naanga Dining Room

Builder boss ‘Isaac’ reassured us that the roof would be completed by next week. Windows, glazing, door frames and doors will all be in place before the rains start. As they work weekends, all should be complete by the second week of November.

The new builidng has two smaller rooms within it, one for cooking and one for storing food. For dining purposes, four tables are needed with 40 chairs, (10 at each table.)

There is an intention to make the dining room function as recreation room for watching TV and also maybe for using a computer. Solar panels will be very useful.

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