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Jute in Ntambo

Oct 31st Ntambo
After prayer time loaded up the vehicle with millie meal, beans and other provisions for Priscilla. (All funded by HHIUK in the monthly allocation, although JW did purchase some extra toiletries).

Bellyward called in for wheelchair maintenance. Robbie managed to do work on this one without the need to replace it. Robbie is so willing to work and be in HHZ morning to night and yet he takes home only K500/ £31 a month.

Printers at HHZ

Ellis- the printer- cycles into the compound looking well and smiling. Nice to chat with him and to be informed that the printers are doing well. Followed Ellis into printing dept where Kelvin, Muluti were busy. They are making an income, banking profits with Sanaco bank and they have orders from local businesses and Monze Mission Hospital.
Mr Gondwe told me that he had intervened with some council organisation and that meant that the printers had some special dispensation ie not paying something because of disability. This has resulted in them having more profits.

Ntambo – Mr Gondwe, Felistus (Chairperson) and Jonah.

Extremely dry and barren land scape. Priscilla delighted to see us. Gave her food and toiletries. Mother, father there too and her friend with a baby. Priscilla’s room in the house is organised with bed, mosquito net, wheelchair and some clothing. The parents sleep in the other two room.
Gave Priscilla a Tidings so she could see her story and she carefully looked at all the other articles, sympathising with Carole’s plight too.
Baby’s name is Isaiah.

Meeting with Ntambo committee under tree by Hammer mill hut. Recognised some of the people from 2011 when the Strathaven Scouts built the hammermill hut. Asked whether they needed to notify the co-operative registration people that they are now new names in the Ntambo group.
Received gifts – clay pots and bowls.

Mr Gondwe translated very well, with understanding. The group, in which there are a few disabled children and adults, aim to ask people to pay 5K (about 30p) for each bucket of maize ground. I encouraged the treasurer to keep records of each payment and to keep track of the money and to communicate the totals to the others. Then they should meet regularly and to prioritize who should benefitted from funding e.g. either a trip to Holy Family, or a new roof, or a bag of maize etc. JW described how the credit unions work in India. Everyone benefits but honesty and compassion for each other is essential. They understood but they were concerned with food now. They were hungry. Hammermill grinding won’t come into full production until the rains come and maize grows.

Listening to this JW decided to buy the clay pots for K300 instead of accepting the gift enabling them to buy two bags of mille meal to share between them. Strangely this last statement by JW didn’t need to be translated by Gondwe.!! As the people clapped spontaneously when it was said in English

The hammermill is being operated by one of Priscilla’s brothers. He needs to cover his nose and mouth as the smell and taste of diesel is awful when the machine is working.

K5 for grinding one bucket of corn. Then walk home carrying the millie meal on your head through the barren, drought landscape.

Mary serves in the Ntambo shop. JW bought 6 packets of biscuits for the children which were in attendance K18/ £1.20

Called in to say cheerio to Priscilla -lovely scene of the Hatwembo family sitting under a tree having Nshima and vegetables, Mum, Dad, baby Isaiah and Priscilla. Food has brought them all together. Nothing in this scene would be happening if it were not for HHI.

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