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Tailoring training success

For the last six months, HHI has been supporting a programme whereby destitute women are given training in sewing (tailoring). The idea is that they will then be able to support themselves and their families. Pastor Wilson, who oversees this, would like to continue it, and has just sent us a report in answer to some questions that I asked:

Very respected Edmond sir,

Praise the Lord!

About the Tailoring Training

1. Do you want to continue the training? Yes. sure we want to continue this training programme

2. If so, how many people have benefitted from the training? Around 25 women will benefited the new training.

3. How many have completed the training? 20 women we give training. From this 12 womens got good benefit. Others need more training.

4. How many are now making use of the skills that they learned, and earning enough money to support themselves (and their families)? Seven women are starting work from their home.They are earning money for their daily life and also for their other family members getting benefit from this work. Other some womens are waiting for starting work with their own machines. But they are not able to buy machines. This is a sad. [Pastor Wilson also runs a network of over 100 credit unions – these may be able to help. A sewing machine costs about £100 new, less than this second hand].

More than 20 womens are waiting for their training.But if you will agree we will start 15th of December.

But the problem is our Tailoring Teacher is very efficient. Good knowledge. So, she ask now a 10000 Rs [about £110] per month for her honorarium.

Story of Mrs.Amritha

Amritha is a housewife. She is from a tribal family. But she married from outside caste (inter caste marriage). She have two children. Her husband is a coolie. But he is a drunken man. Not give enough money for her daily life. Her children was also hungry and poverty. But after her training starting the tailoring earn money for her daily life with children also. She is very happy now. And also she convey her greetings to HHI.

Story of Sujatha

She is a widow. She have two children. Before studying she haven’t any job. Only house wife. After training finished she found one second hand machine and start tailoring job. Now every day earn good money for her family life. She is also very happy.

Thank you very much.

But every day asking more people for starting new Tailoring Training programme. God bless you all. Please remember us in you prayers

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