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Our Indian hospital work is still going strong

Despite the pandemic and the severe lockdown in Kerala, our life-saving work in Trivandrum Medical College Hospital is still going on, quietly and under the radar. Shibu is still providing care to people who have no-one who can look after them, so ensuring that they get the medical care and treatment that they so desparately need. Philip has recently sent us some details of some of the people who are being helped at the moment.

His name is Maninadh, 40 years old, from East Bangal.He is selling lotary tickets His both legs are very of the bike rider make an accident ,he was admitted in medical college hospital.He has no relatives, hip bone is broken not proper walk. Shibu looks him about one month.

Muhammad 67 yrs from Venjaramodu. No relatives. Begging is his job. Bus accident,his leg is broken. Operation is over. Police was admitted in the hospital.Shibu helps him every time.

Babu Raj 33 yrs, from Bihar. He is a mental patient. Motor bike accident. Police admitted in the hospital. Back bone pain and not proper walk and stand.Shibu looks him very properly.

Maniyan,47 yrs from Kattakada. He collect old things and sold it ,he manage his day to day expense. He faced motor bike accident. His right leg was broken, he can’t move, no relatives, no income.Shibu looks after him .

Baskharan 59 yrs from Vizhijam, bus accident, police admitted him to the hospital.His back bone injured, can’t move, Shibu helps everything.

So, as you can see, Shibu’s great work in the hospital is still going strong, despite all the problems that Covid-19 is bringing. We are still changing lives for the better, one at a time.

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