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Small teaching group

Day 6 Wednesday 14th February

Today was our final time at Asha Kiran. It was all go, with children continuing to receive life transforming physiotherapy and teaching appropriate to their abilities in small groups.

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Physiotherapy 2

Day 5 Tuesday 13th February 2024

Going across the border into Tamil Nadu is like stepping back in time for a generation. It is the India that is long past in Kerala. Cows roam the streets randomly or sleep in the middle of the road. Roads…

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Latest news from Asha Kiran Ashram

Rev Dr Santhosh Kumar, the director of Asha Kiran Ashram, our special needs centre in Tamil Nadu, writes: Greetings to you from Asha Kiran Ashram. Thank you very much for your valuable help for our Asha Kiran Ashram home and…

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Back in Kerala

It was a good trip out to Asha Kiran, but we are now back in the relative civilisation of Kerala. We spent a bit of time with the children at Asha Kiran before saying our goodbyes and catching the bus…

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Honoured guest

A full day at Asha Kiran today. The morning was a chance to see the centre in action - a hive of activity wi th special needs teaching and physiotherapy in full swing. Them a lunch provided by a local…

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Going back in time

The main street of Ambassadurum has no pavement so walking involves jumping out of the way of busses and kamikaze cyclists. Cows are curled up going to sleep in all sorts of unlikely places. Tamil Nadu is a step back…

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City life

Today was spent in and around the capital city of Kerala, Thiruvananthapurum - or Trivandrum if you prefer. Less contact with needy people, but catching up with some important business. First visit was to Shanti Bhavan, a home for destitute…

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Matthew 26:36

‘Then cometh Jesus with them into a place called Gethsemane and saith unto the disciples, sit ye here while I go and pray yonder’ Dear God, as we set you as our example, we see that when you lived on…

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