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At the Market

If you have read the article, ‘There’s always a solution’, then you will be aware of the plight of Priscilla Hatwambo we wrote about when we visited in Ntambo. One thing Priscilla didn’t ask us for, and something we felt…

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It’s the first!

The first wheelchair from 2017 container has been given to Prisca Muchangwe (see below). She is 12 years old has been disabled since birth. She arrived at the HHZ compound with her mother, having travelled all the way from Njola…

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Jute and Hilary in Zambia – 5

A Quiet Afternoon at the Compound? For the first time a doctor, in this case Dr Ibrahim, from the local Monze Mission Hospital visited the compound to tell us what would be useful for various hospital departments. He was amazed…

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A Talented Teacher

If you have already looked through the March 2016 Tidings you will see that the Week 12 article (June 12 – 18) features the disabled teacher, Prisca Hatembo, who is currently salaried as a volunteer teacher in Muumba school. Prisca…

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