About us

Health Help International is a charity which was set up in 1999, although its seeds were earlier (click here to find out how - it's quite a story). Initially a "kitchen table charity", it rapidly outgrew the kitchen and progressed to a large garden shed, before moving to its present home at Stow Park Christian Centre. It aims to help improve the health of the less fortunate - young and old - in those parts of the world where poverty and local conditions adversely affect them.

Ron Prosser - Patron of HHI

Our mission is to obey God's command to love our neighbour as ourselves, to heal the sick and care for the weak and poor of this world. We seek to do this by providing money for hospital and clinic infrastructure, by supplying medical equipment and funding medical aid to those unable to afford hospitalisation or treatment in Africa and India, as well as providing an education and training for disabled children. We consider that self-help is important for the dignity of the recipients, and where possible we ensure that this plays a part.

All our work in the UK is undertaken by a small number of volunteers - mostly in Newport, South Wales, but also North Wales, and Strathaven, Scotland. As we are all volunteers who contribute financially to HHI's work, as well as giving our time and energy freely, all the money that is contributed by our supporters is sent overseas to support our wide-ranging work there.

We currently work in two parts of the world  - Monze in the Southern Province of Zambia, and near Trivandrum (Thiruvananthapuram) in the state of Kerala in India as well as in the neighbouring state of Tamil Nadu.  We also support a project in Orissa, in the east of India.  In both countries we work with people locally in nearby areas, bringing help to helping individuals and communities.

Go to Zambia and India to learn more about individuals and communities we help and the projects we run.

Ron Prosser
Patron, Health Help International

Registered Charity Number: 1078353

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