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On the beach

Day 13 Wednesday 21st February 2024

Wednesday was our last day in India. After some last minute shopping we went back to Happy Valley for a final few hours, giving us a chance to get to know some more of the children. Annisery suffers from Cerebral…

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Arayanad tuition group

Day 12 Tuesday 20th February 2024

Our last full day was spent at our second special needs school, Happy Valley. It was a wonderful time when we could meet the new children and see how the others have developed over the last year. One newcomer is…

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Credit Union

Day 11 Monday19th February 2024

We spent another day around the Neyyar Dam. It is an idyllic spot, very beautiful, but also one that harbours much poverty. One such person who we helped recently is Prida, who was in agony with fibroids in her uterus.…

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Thanal ladies 2

Day 10 Sunday 18th February 2024

Today was spent at Thanal House, a home for destitute women who have been rescued from a life on the streets.  Most of them have severe psychological problems and many have been rejected by their families. It was great to…

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Transplant patients

Day 9 Saturday 17th February 2024

Another busy day. The morning was spent at Happy Valley meeting some of the many people who we are helping. These include a large group of people with kidney failure. Some have had transplants and need expensive medications to prevent…

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Shanti Bavan

Day 8 Friday 16th February 2024

First port of call today was Shanti Bhavan, a home for destitute men which we support. We received the usual enthusiastic welcome. Talking to Rani and Johnny it was clear that they had a problem - the iron roof had…

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Leema sewing

Day 7 Thursday 15th February

We spent the day with Pastor Wilson visiting people who we have helped recently, are helping or who are hoping that we will help them. Too many to recount here. Leema was poor but could sew.  She is married with…

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Small teaching group

Day 6 Wednesday 14th February

Today was our final time at Asha Kiran. It was all go, with children continuing to receive life transforming physiotherapy and teaching appropriate to their abilities in small groups.

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Physiotherapy 2

Day 5 Tuesday 13th February 2024

Going across the border into Tamil Nadu is like stepping back in time for a generation. It is the India that is long past in Kerala. Cows roam the streets randomly or sleep in the middle of the road. Roads…

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A meal with the new physiotherapist

Day 4 Monday 12th February 2024

Travel to Tamil Nadu Today we crossed the subcontinent - well, the southern tip of it anyway, across into Tamil Nadu. Things didn't go as planned and as a result, by the time we arrived , it was nearly time…

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